Modern Energy Cooking Services

MECS has been a vital partner from a very early stage in the development phases, when they awarded ServedOnSalt as a winner of the MECS-TRIID Challenge Fund.

Besides supporting the project financially, MECS also contributes with a deep network and customer insights from cutting-edge research in the clean cooking sector.

UNEP DTU Partnership

UNEP DTU Partnership has been supporting the project by providing key insights into the field of renewable energy development in Africa.

On top, they are continuously facilitating contact to important stakeholders and future customers in Denmark and Kenya.

Technical University of Denmark

The project is a student spin-out from the course X-Tech Entrepreneurship at DTU, and the progress thus far is the result of the enormous technical and advisory support from various departments including DTU Skylab, DTU Foodlab, Center for Entrepreneurship, Department of Chemical Engineering, and Department of Civil Engineering.

Want to partner up or test the ServedOnSalt Cooker?

We are looking for partners to test and help shape the solution for maximised impact. We hope you will join us on the journey!

Upcoming Pilot Projects

Kibera, Kenya

When next version of the prototype is ready, the solution will be tested in Kibera, an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya.