The Clean Bean Cooker

Developing a smoke-free alternative to charcoal

The ServedOnSalt Bean Cooker

The ultra-clean alternative for cooking heavy foods

The ServedOnSalt is a heat battery that stores solar power for clean cooking of heavy foods such as beans or maize. The heat batteries are cold when charged, and can be carried home to cook indoors without smoke, flames or soothing.

At ServedOnSalt, our mission is to develop the new clean alternative to firewood and charcoal for urban settlements. Our solution is in the early phases of development, and we hope it will serve as an important contribution to the clean cooking transition.

The Problem

Access to clean energy

There is a need for innovative solutions to the challenge of clean cooking, and to enable adoption of renewable energy by households in developing countries.

'Dirty’ fuels such as kerosene, charcoal and firewood causes CO2-emissions, deforestation by the collection of firewood, and bad indoor air climate, which causes the death of 4,000,000 people yearly.

“The need to simmer stews for long periods and to grill meat and chapati, mean that charcoal, readily available, familiar and affordable, is the cornerstone of the household energy system in Kibera”

Lambe & Senyagwa, 2015


The Solution

How the ServedOnSalt cooker works

The ServedOnSalt battery is a container filled with a special salt.

Energy is stored in the battery by heating up the salt using solar power. When you are ready to cook, simply inject water into the salt container. Due to a chemical reaction between the salt and the water, a large amount of heat is released.

The container gets hot and can now be used as a hotplate.

With salt hydration, energy can be stored as thermochemical energy. It has unlimited storage time and can be released at high temperatures by adding water.

Pay as you cook

We will provide affordable energy for cooking through a pay-as-you-cook distribution model. The batteries are charged daily at a station in the neighbourhood. Customers pay a small startup fee to get access to the cooker, and pay a small daily amount for the charging service.

This way the users get complete flexibility on their energy demand.

No investment in equipment – just cooking.

The Benefits

Cook affordable, care-free 'githeri' without smoke and flames


  • No fuel preparation
  • Heats up quickly
  • Cook at night and in the morning
  • Cook indoors without smoke or sooth


  • Requires no attention
  • No need for fire tending
  • Start cooking in the morning and the beans are done when you come home from work.


  • Cook indoors without eye-irritation
  • No carbon-monoxide poisoning
  • No flames or sparks
  • Protect your home from fires


  • Same price as charcoal + small startup fee
  • No need to buy equipment.
  • No added maintenance or repair costs.
  • Just pay per charge.

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